Cristina Linassi

The Venetian stylist Cristina Linassi is uniquely qualified: her University dissertation explored the evolution of women's fashion through the 19th. and 20th Centuries; for generations her family has been immersed in the field of lingerie and household linen, and for more than a decade she has been building up an archive-collection of antique lace. Her splendid Atelier boasts an exclusive range of fabrics and textiles for the home-especially for the dining- able and the bedroom, customized on request of each client, according to the type of interior to decorate. This Atelier, situated on the first floor of Palazzo Zobenigo, engulfs the visitor in subtle tones of soft grey which are enhanced by the glittering reflections through glass and Venetian mirrors which re-awaken- with sobriety and exquisite taste- the Venice that once was, for contemporary taste, a veritable feast for the eyes, to be explored. But the real "hallmark" of her creations is effervescent quality of her products which, while respectfully following tradition are totally contemporary and without rival. Availing herself of a balanced decoration of traditional craftsmanship, Cristina Linassi makes references to motifs of the past in a modern key, from using the best available fabrics (all italian) and Jacquard linens- which have been woven on original looms from 1950 (not computerized). It goes without saying that these are exclusive lines; lace and embroidery which alternate with sober gracefulness, soft colored linens and transparent organdie for the table or bedroom, while selected motifs of Mariano Fortuny-transposed for contemporary taste- give life with Renaissance enthusiasm to the table Jacquards with brilliant colors to accommodate the tastes of the 21st Century.

The Atelier's reputation is especially linked to the range of night- dresses which constitute a revival of the fascination with a femininity of the past, produced with grace and perfect taste. In particular are those models largely inspired by fashion designs of the 50's and 60's- elaborate standing cuts embellished with lace insets, almost always executed by hand. Any model can be made-to -measure. All the fabrics used are of Italian production and of the finest quality; natural fibres, including satins of silk or cotton muslin and plumetis. The realization of each garment is the fruit of highly qualified traditional skills.

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